Kristy Richardson

Children’s Director

Kristy is the Director of The Intersection, the Children’s Ministry at Northside. She came to Northside after practicing law at West Tennessee Legal Services and before that, at a large firm in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Her background in law has served her well in many ways, but it has especially reflected her passion for helping people in need in her community and around the world. Kristy collaborates often with Northside’s Outreach Ministry and leads the Children’s Ministry in several mission projects each year as she strives to get children and families involved in opportunities that can change people’s lives.

One of Kristy’s mottos for the kids in her ministry is “Believe Big. Trust Huge.” It truly is her desire to get kids excited about God, and she is committed to bringing the love of Christ to kids in a fun and energetic way. Kids can have big faith! And the trust they have can be inspiring to the adults around them. She loves watching how both kids and adults can grow, learn, and share in God’s love together. The Intersection really is where “faith, family, and fun meet.”

Kristy’s husband Gavin has been an English professor at Union University since 1998, and they have three sons: Jack, Cameron, and Colin. The boys give them great joy and many fun moments to remember! They routinely serve as a great reminder of the importance of children’s ministry in our kids’ lives. Kristy is keenly aware of the privilege she has been given to serve as the Director of Northside’s Children’s Ministry and will continue to lead Northside’s children with unending passion and purpose.