Dr. Don Thrasher

Lead Pastor

I was born in a share-cropper’s shack in the Arkansas delta.  Those early days were days of poverty of things, but abundance of love.  My parents taught me that Jesus is the hope of the world and that has been the anchor of my life and ministry.  For two decades I have watched Northside Church be the hands of Jesus to Jackson, the surrounding region, and the world.  I have learned so much about loving people in the name of Jesus as I have served with the staff and people of this church.  This is a place where the love of Jesus flows.  Everyone is welcome to come and worship and hear the teachings of Jesus and all of scripture.  We count it a joy to share the hope of Jesus with all people.

My life has been blessed by my wife, Terri and our children, Sarah, Jonathan (Sarah’s husband), and Stephen.  Their love keeps me grounded and reminded that relationships are the main reason for living.

I love Jesus with all I am and the best I know how.  He has given me life and a reason for living.  I will spend the rest of my days serving Him, by serving the people he puts in my path.  I am grateful beyond words to be loved by the One who gave his life for me and the entire world.  God is good!